Do It Yourself – Yellow Lined Paper

Every business nowadays needs marketing in some way. And we know how popular direct mail marketing is, especially the famous Yellow Letters. That’s why we have decided to create small tutorial about How To Create Yellow Lined Paper at home, so you can use it for creating Yellow Letters marketing campaigns.

Dimensions of our Yellow Lined paper are 13 x 18 cm and all we need is:

  • Regular Colored A4 paepr,
  • Color printer and
  • Scissors or paper scalpel

To make it as easy as possible, we have prepared  Yellow Letter template in PDF format so basically you just need to download our template and print it.

Make sure you choose [Actual size], and don’t use [Fit to media] option, so the software you use for printing doesn’t scale it down or up, messing up the size. Also note that the document is in landscape mode. Possible settings are shown in the image below:


Of course not to mention that you need to feed the printer with Yellow colored paper – A4 size.


Once you print it, you only need to cut on the black lines. You can use scissors, paper scalpel or one of those paper cutter like we did.

You now have your Yellow Lined paper ready and you can start your direct mail marketing campaign using your original home made Yellow lined paper.

The end result will look like this. Don’t be afraid, be creative and try to experiment with paper in different colors. We have tried with white paper and it was also nice.


Now that you know how to made Yellow Lined paper at home, what is the project are you going to use it for?

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