Why we don’t offer printing and mailing?

We have been asked this question many times from our current and potential customers. Today in particular I have been asked the same question 4 times already and it is not even a 11:00 AM yet. That is why I have decided to answer it in this blog post aside from answering it in a private message to our valuable clients.


While it is long story, I will try to keep it short so it doesn’t become boring :).
We have initially started our services about two and a half years ago. Back then we were offering real handwriting. But this is subject to another blog post so make sure you check our updates to see why and how :).

We had few clients that were satisfied with our services and some other that were only interested, but we had a problem in front of us: Shipping costs. For our already established clients, it was an obstacle, but we were somehow dealing with it thanks to the fact that those clients were already familiar and very happy with the quality of our work so they were willing to pay the shipping costs and they have learned to plan upfront so they were ok with the delivery time as well. Unfortunately for those potentially interested clients it was reason to step back because of the too many variables:

  • They weren’t familiar with the quality of our work
  • They were not happy with the fact that they need to pay that much shipping and I totally understand them
  • They didn’t wanted to wait weeks before their package arrives and I understand them again

So why I am constantly mentioning high shipping costs and so big delivery delay? We are Europe based company. Our offices are located in Europe while most of our customers are US based. Our first client was from USA and last months reports showed that 87% of our current clients are US Based.

And because we are passionate about Handwriting, when most of us would just give up, we did our best to overcome those obstacles by creating our amazing service that can generate original looking Handwritten documents. We put all our expertise around handwriting into play, and we have created this software that allows us to provide high quality service thus keeping our clients from the past and earning ones. Those who are open-minded and willing to try new things.

  • Now no longer need to wait days even weeks for the package to arrive;
  • No need to pay those expensive shipping costs to get the documents because you receive them in your e-mail and just print them
  • No need to be worried if the package might be lost somewhere like it happened with one of our first clients

Those are only few of the things out of many that we do better than others.

As our business develops, hopefully one day we will meat our goal and that is to be able to have US based headquarters and finally offer full service with printing and mailing included, but currently we are still start-up and until that day comes, we have our amazing service to offer to our valuable customers.