Why to handwrite it, when you can simply type it? or the other way around?

As a business owner you know that customer acquisition is difficult and expensive process. But you are business owner with great idea and it is time for you to generate some leads. Among other assets available, you also want to start direct mail marketing campaign. And you need few things only:

  • Content for the letter
  • Contact list with the potential leads
  • Printer
  • Regular printing paper
  • Envelopes

Yes more or less that is it and you are ready to go. Once you write appealing content for the letter that you believe will bring you sales, and once your contact list is ready, the only thing left for you is to print the letters, print the labels for the envelope and that is pretty much it. Your campaign is ready for mailing.


While it might work, the chances are instead of reading your letters, many of them will end up in the basket without even being opened.

Why? Because people will assume it is Spam. We receive so much mail every day and most of it it is just Spam. This is a big problem. All your efforts are wasted, message wasn’t spread around and no leads, no sales.

Simple solution from many points of view is to Handwrite the letters. You are probably wondering Why would you handwrite it when you can just type it? Well…

It is proven that Hand addressed envelopes have 85% higher open ratio than printed labels or printed envelopes.
There is something magical in the handwritten letter itself. Something that will make the people to be eager and curious to see who send them the letter and why? So instead of treating it as a Spam, they will open it.

Can you remember last time you have received Handwritten letter? Can you remember the feeling? You were rushing to open it and see what is inside. People will act same way. With all this technology around us, nobody handwrite anything anymore. Handwriting is part of the past already and this is what makes it to be even more magical and special.

To go back go our campaign, if what people find inside is printed letter the chances of not reading it are still high, so you also need to hand-write the letter itself.
If the letter is also handwritten, they will actually dedicate time, read the letter so your half on the way of making a sale.

The other half assuming that you have sent to the right person will come for itself just because your letter is handwritten. Why? How? Well think about it. By handwriting the letter you are giving a unique value and personal touch to it. You create special connection with the reader. Especially in the real estate niche, people need to earn your trust before they decide to buy their future house from you.

Little about the other way around? Why to type it when you can handwrite it. Thanks to our services, there is no reason not to handwrite it. Further more with our competitive prices, you have to handwrite it. That is at least what you can do for your clients, they deserve it. You have to add this personal touch to your campaign. Your business deserve this.

Some of you would say it takes a lot of time to handwrite it, a lot of effort, maybe your penmanship looks bad but now there is no excuse.

With our services, time is same. We do all job for you, you only need to print everything at the end. And the things you need to complete handwritten campaign are same again.

You need the content of the letter and you go ahead and type it. Then send it to us together with your contact list.
We will send you the generated Handwritten Documents (both letters and envelopes)
Now you need same printer that you would use for the Printed letters campaign. You can print everything for the same amount of time, and the campaign will be ready in a blink of an eye. The handwritten campaign, valuable one.
If you want it even more personalized you can even print on those famous yellow lined paper sheets.

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