A Journey of a Thousand Miles

It’s been quite a while that we are providing handwritten solutions to our valuable customers, all over the world. We think that now is the time for us to share some insight of our whole journey with our customers, up till this point in time. All great ideas come accidentally. Same thing happened with us. We initially started our services about two and a half years ago. Back then we were offering real handwriting. We received an order to hand write 500 letters. It was really difficult for us to hand write 500 letters. So, we thought why should not we automate this process of handwriting since world was moving towards automating almost everything. Eventually, we took the initiative and started our research. We wanted to provide a unique solution which nobody else was providing. At the time, different handwritten looking font styles were available. But the problem with using the fonts is that every instance of a font letter looks identical. They are certain and predictable. Handwritten looking fonts are easy to recognize and they only leave fake impression of handwriting. We wanted something which was more surprising and unique. We started analyzing how different people write. We did some deep research in the domain and it took us very long time than we anticipated to come up with an algorithm that gives more natural handwriting impression to your typed notes/letters. After developing the algorithm, we developed our software so that people can benefit from our capabilities all over the world. With our software application, we have no problems of fake handwriting impression. Instead, every word is unique and different from the rest. There are no two identical words. This is because, instead of using fonts, our algorithm generates unique style of handwriting for each word that is typed. Today, we are going to provide you a glimpse of how our algorithm works, so you can see how much we have worked hard to be here and how much we care about providing almost real handwriting solutions to our valuable customers.
We start with what happens behind the screen when you try to handwrite a letter. Our algorithm generates a letter corresponding to each typed word. First of all, a typed letter is hypothetically represented in an empty canvas with the horizontal grid lines (like the red box with the black, green and orange horizontal lines shown in the image below).

Then, the grid of the horizontal lines is used to align the generated letter in a correct position so that all letters are exactly in-line with each other. But the problem arises when different letters are merged together to make a word. In our previous versions, we have been using the approach where we calculate the maximum width of a letter and mark the left most and the right most position with a tool we call a “marker”. You can see the round grey and yellow markers in the left most and the right most positions of the letters in the image shown below.

After marking each letter individually, we close the gap between the left most marker of one letter and the right most marker of the next letter and then align both of them vertically in a line like shown below.

If we hide the markers, the output would be somewhat like this:

Although this technique solved the problem to some extent and our imaginary word looks nice and each letter looks unique, yet there is something wrong with the gap between some letters. Like, the gap between g and T and then T and q is too big to look natural. Most of us would have stopped here, having achieved this is a big thing we agree, but we are so passionate about our handwriting solution, that instead of stopping here, we did our best to overcome this obstacle by creating our amazing service that can generate original looking handwritten documents.
After a while, we started our research again. We asked a lot of people to do handwriting for us, so that we can identify some pattern out of it, which would help us to improve our algorithm. After spending years on this, we finally came up with the better way to do this. We would like to call it “Smart Markers”. Now, remember when the kid starts to learn writing, he starts to imitate words on the special kind of notebook. The notebook has grid of 4 vertical lines that has 3 sections to represent a letter. The kid is told to write each letter in these sections only. Similarly, in our case we have the upper section, middle section and the bottom section which are represented in the image shown above by 1, 2 and 3 respectively. In the image above ‘b’ and ‘T’ are represented in the upper and the middle sections, whereas ‘c’ is represented in the middle section only and ‘g’ and ‘q’ are represented in the middle and the bottom sections. At first, we used to place markers anywhere in the three sections, but then we realized that the gap between the letters can be closed better by merging the letters only in the middle section. It is easy to see when you hear it but very difficult to spot at first. So, we restricted our markers to the middle section only. These are our Smart Markers. Now, if we mark only the leftmost and the rightmost positions of all the letters with Smart Markers only in the middle section, then we will get the output of the following sort:

If we vertically align the rightmost and the leftmost marker, then our imaginary word output would look somewhat like this:

A preview of our imaginary word would be somewhat like this:

As you can see, that the gap between the letters doesn’t look unnatural, this is due to our Smart Markers. Due to them, our imaginary word looks more unique and more real.

Now, that we have described our story behind Smart Markers on our imaginary word, which by the way was drawn from the mouse for the sake of explaining our algorithm, you can see the effect of Smart Markers in the writing generated by our software in the image shown below.

As you can see, in our latest version (v we have launched Smart Markers. The difference is clearly visible between the handwritten words written with different versions of our software. The words written with the help of our Smart Markers look more natural and more unique, than those written with the simple markers. We believe that we have improved our software with Smart Markers to produce more natural looking handwritten solutions. This all became possible after many years of our effort. Now, it all seems like a journey of a thousand miles, as we like to call it. We have put our all expertise around handwriting into play, and we have created this software that allows us to provide high quality service, thus keeping our clients from the past and gaining the attention of the potential ones. Our clients are open-minded and are willing to try new things. If you also are one of those who are willing to try new things, then have a look at the services that we provide at Handwritten Solutions. You will only benefit from our amazing services. We would like to thank our amazing clients because without their support, our amazing journey wouldn’t have been possible. After all it is all about you.